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The Postal Service’s eCareer application system process is automated. Instead of applying to take a standardized exam for a specific occupation, you now apply for an actual job vacancy. This is far more efficient, and you will know within several days whether or not you are being considered for the position.

Tens of thousands apply yearly, and the postal service’s online application system collects background information, education, and work history when you first apply. This information is saved in your personal online profile and can be reused to apply for other jobs down the road.

Applicants will be notified if an exam is required via an email notification with a link to the exam with sigh on credentials. A score of 70 or higher is considered passing, the higher your score the better chance of being called for an interview. 

Most positions, approximately 80 percent of all postal jobs, require passing a postal exam. Most tested positions are for city and rural carriers, mail processing specialists, mail handlers, sales, service, and distribution associates. There are also examinations for vehicle operators, mechanics, electronics technicians and others. Review the list of exams for other tested occupations. 

The remaining twenty percent of jobs, mostly corporate positions, don’t require a written entrance exam. Your work experience, education and accomplishments are evaluated to rate you for positions. Applicants must prepare a detailed professional postal style résumé that is considerably different from a standard one-page private sector resume. 

The U.S. Postal Service is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Hiring and advancement in the Postal Service is based on qualifications and performance regardless of race, color, creed, religion, sex, age, national origin, or disability. Applicants must be U.S. citizens or have permanent alien resident status or owe allegiance to the United States of America to apply for Postal Service jobs. The majority of positions require passing a postal exam. Corporate and professionals such as doctors, engineers, and others are employed through an application and interview process that is similar to the competitive federal civil service program.

Postal installation managers are generally appointing officials and are delegated the authority to fill vacancies by transfer, reassignment, reinstatement of a former federal or postal employee, promotion, or from an entrance register of eligibles. Regardless of the recruitment source, the applicant must meet the qualifications of the position, including passing the appropriate examination. Examinations can be either written or a rated application process such as that used for corporate and professional positions.




The demands of many postal jobs in today’s work environment have changed the Postal Service’s recruitment efforts. The post office updated their recruitment programs to hire qualified candidates through the use of fair and efficient employee assessment systems. Their goal for recruitment is to attract an adequate number of qualified applicants for vacancies as they occur or in anticipation of pending vacancies.  Local management evaluates its hiring needs. Evaluation consists of forecasting future hiring needs, assessing existing applicant pools, considering other hiring options such as special emphasis programs, and reviewing any upcoming Postal Service organizational changes.



The Postal Service conducts interviews as part of the suitability recruitment process. You need to be prepared for these interviews. There are generally a good number of high scoring applicants, and the selecting official will use the interview process to determine the best candidates for the jobs. Click here for more information on the interview process.