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Anyone interested in a challenging career, with job security and excellent pay, should consider a Post Office job. The average salary is $52,290, career bargaining unit employee’s total average annual compensation including benefits exceeds $83,000 there are 653,167 postal workers at 34,233 facilities nationwide. Use the resources on this site to explore Post Office jobs in your area.

You will find 474, 474, 475 and 476 Postal Exam sample questions, mail carrier and postal clerk descriptions, application guidance, job descriptionsbenefits, and pay information. You will also find information on Postal Inspector jobs, how to prepare for the post office job interview, and we offer a Post Office Job Hunter’s Checklist to guide you through the process. This website is not affiliated with or endorsed by the United States Post Office.

Casual Temporary Positions

The Postal Service hires through their automated online eCareer recruiting program. Virtual Assessment Entrance Exams are required; however, you now apply for specific job vacancies and complete the initial assessment exams online when you apply. This website helps you find job vacancies, prepare for post office exams, and get hired.

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Vacancies are filled on an as needed basis and the Postal Service continues to hire large numbers of casual temporary relief workers each year for the holidays. These positions are a good way to get your foot in the door and they don’t require a written entrance exam.

If you are hired for a non-career appointment you will have a better chance of landing a career position if you perform well in the position. Temporary appointments typically run from 89 to 359 days with additional appointments possible depending on the position type.

The federal government continues to hire. Search federal jobs and explore occupations and other related private sector entry level jobs. The government has thousands of federal job listings available now in hundreds of occupations.

Warning – Caution

Don’t be enticed by Postal Exam scams. You don’t have to pay anyone to schedule or take a Postal Exam. To find out if there are job vacancies that you can apply for in your area go to our “Postal Jobs” page and follow the job links. You now apply online through the Postal Service for job vacancies.

Explore and apply for federal government jobs and private sector jobs to improve you chance of employment.

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