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Post Office Corporate Jobs

Administrative, Management, Engineering, & HR

The majority of jobs in the Postal Service are mail carrier and clerk positions. However, like most large corporations the Postal Service requires a broad spectrum of occupations, everything from janitors to engineers, inspectors and administrative occupations of all types. Similar or related occupations exist in the federal Civil Service. There are over 900 occupational titles in the federal sector which provide abundant employment opportunities for those willing to seek them out.

Excellent job opportunities are available for those who know how to tap this lucrative job market. All post office hiring is based on performance and qualifications regardless of your sex, race, color, creed, religion, disability, or national origin. Where else can you apply for a high paying jobs that offers employment at 37,000 locations nationwide with career advancement opportunities, plus careers in many support occupations?

Post Office Corporate Jobs


Corporate positions include management and supervision, administrative, professional and technical occupations. Jobs that are open to the general public are listed on the Postal Service’s web site listed on our “Resources” page and you will find links to many of those jobs and related private sector jobs under our Corporate Job Listings. Corporate jobs do not require written entrance exams. You are rated on your past work experience, education and knowledge, skills and abilities that you list on your employment application.

Due to the broad scope of post office employment, many working conditions found in the private sector are also found in the postal system. Most work involves mail delivery however you will find many administrative, management, human resources, accounting and budget, logistics, engineering, and all other support occupations that are require to operate a Hugh organization that generates close to seventy billion dollars a year in sales.

If you aren’t sure what postal corporate or federal job series (occupational title) best fits your knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) use the personal assessment tools that are available to help you identify suitable job announcements. Visit our Federal Employee’s Career Development Center to review the assessment process and download the free assessment forms to get started.

The jobs are advertised in the following categories, with a sampling of specific occupations:

Corporate Job Listings

Job Titles: (Visit either the federal civil service jobs search page or the USPS Career Portal and search using these job titles for your location.

  • Engineering
    • Electrical Engineer
    • Electronic Engineer
    • General Engineer
  • ERM/HR
    • Educational Psychologist
    • Training
    • Human Resources
  • Facilities
    • Architect Engineer
  • Finance / Administrative / Logistics
    • Accountant
    • Mathematical Statistician
    • Logistics Management Specialist
    • Staffing Specialist
    • Supply Specialist
    • Time & Attendance Clerks
  • Information Technology
    • Business System Analyst
    • Computer Specialist
    • InformationTechnology (IT)
    • Systems Analyst
  • Inspection Service
    • Security Architect/Engineer
    • Occupatonal Safety Specialist
  • Marketing
    • Customer Service Support Analyst
  • Network Operations
    • Transportation Specialist

Explore and apply for all related job vacancies in the federal government to improve you chance of employment.

Applying For Positions

When you apply for a post office job in their corporate offices and at satellite facilities recruitment is similar to the federal civil service application process. The applicant is rating on his/her work experience, education, special knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs). Job announcements are advertised on the USPS web site and the applicant must follow the job announcement application instructions precisely to be considered for the position. Any omissions can cause your application to be rejected. Many highly qualified applicants are excluded because of administrative errors or omissions.  You can also use a professional Federal Resume Writing Service to assist you with your application.

The PS Form 2591, ” Application for Employment,” is required when applying for most jobs. Resumes are also accepted however, you must be certain to include all of the information in your resume that is currently on the PS Form 2591 or they may not accept your application. Applicants must prepare their resumes and applications in accordance with specific guidelines.

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