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Post Office Jobs

Post Office Jobs 7th EditionThe Postal Service dramatically changed the way they recruit and this is the only book available that describes their new eCareer system and it guides readers step-by-step through the process. You no longer sign up to take a test, you apply for specific job vacancies year round. Exams are still required for most positions, however you take a portion of the exam online when you first apply and a proctored exam on a computer at a local testing facility within 14 days from the date you first apply.

The new and revised 5th edition of “Post Office Jobs” includes a study guide for the new 473 and 473-C Postal Exams and covers the new eCareer Postal Service hiring process. It provides all the information needed to locate job vacancies and includes a comprehensive study guide to prepare for and pass exams with helpful test-taking strategies to improve test scores. You will be able to explore all jobs, including jobs that don’t require entrance tests. Having worked 35½ years for Uncle Sam, the author provides an insider’s perspective on what it takes to go from job hunter to hired, and everything in between. For a more detailed description of Post Office Jobs click here.

Item Name: Post Office Jobs
Item Price: $25.95 Paperback
ISBN:  978-0-943641-34-8

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The Book Of U.S. Government Jobs

Book of US Government JobsUncle Sam employs 2,704,950 workers and 86,000 students and annually recruits hundreds of thousands nationwide and internationally for entry level to professional occupations. Benefits are excellent including comprehensive health care, 401k savings plans, low-cost life insurance, liberal vacation and sick leave, plus the average annual salary now exceeds $67,000.

This completely revised 11th edition offers the information needed to successfully land a government job — including hundreds of employment web sites, new job application guidance, and up-dated recruitment information. The expanded application/resume chapter includes a new section on writing (KSAs) Knowledge, Skills and Ability statements and a common sense guide to understanding federal job announcements. This section helps you to complete your application or federal style resume and get the highest rating possible.  For a more detailed description click here.

Item Name: The Book of U.S. Government Jobs
Item Price: $27.95 Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-943641-29-4

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Take Charge Of Your Federal Career

Take Charge of Your Federal Career - 2nd editionIf you’re not satisfied with your current federal government job or if you’ve been bypassed for a promotion don’t despair, help is out there if you know where to look. You have many options and career paths to pursue in the federal sector. Even if you lack the required education or experience there are ways to obtain skills needed to reach your career goals.

Take Charge of Your Federal Career is a practical, action-oriented career management workbook for federal employees. Packed with proven tips and valuable assessment and evaluation tools. This unique workbook provides federal workers with the individualized know-how and guidance they need to identify, obtain, and successfully demonstrate the skills and experience required to qualify for new and better federal jobs.  For a more detailed description click here.

Item Name: Take Charge Of Your Federal Career – 2nd Edition June 2011
Item Price:$29.95, For a Limited Time Only $14.95)
ISBN: 978-0-943641-28-7

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