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eCareer Guide for Post Office Job Seekers

Finding Job Vacancies

This post office jobs eCareer orientation guide is presented here to familiarize job seekers with the official USPS hiring process. This will help you navigate their site and apply for job vacancies. The USPS web site is the ONLY OFFICIAL USPS employment web site. You do not have to pay anyone for this information or to take a postal exam. The Postal Service provides these services at no cost to applicants. This website and the soon to be released 8th edition of Post Office Jobs are not affiliated with or endorsed by the United States Post Office.

The screens in the examples below can’t be used to apply, they are screen shots provide examples with explanations of what you will find on the official Postal Service site. The post office site doesn’t provide clarifications and it can be confusing when you first visit without this orientation. Preview the screen shots we have and then use the links provided to go direct to the Postal Service’s online job listings.

Post Office Web Site Guide

Jobs Screens (USPS Employment Site Orientation Guide)


Review these instructions to search for job vacancies. The following graphics are screen shots from the official USPS job search pages. Go to their Top Jobs Page to explore careers and apply for jobs online. Selecting anyone of the job titles listed on their website will take you to a career description with a link to the job application.

View all of the following 5 screens prior to visiting the USPS official employment site.

How to Apply

This screen describes the entire application process; click on Lean More on the USPS How to Apply page for detailed information about each step.

Search Page

To get to this screen you must click on the apply button next to the job occupation that you found on the Top Jobs screen. you can go direct to this screen by clicking here to search for vacancies. Start your search with keywords such as the job title or functional are. Use the following to select keywords for your job search:

  • Enter at least one keyword to narrow your search, for example “HR” or “Human Resources”.
  • If you know the job title you wish to search, enter the job title.
  • If you are searching for a seasonal position, include the keywords “Casual” or “Holiday”.
  • If you are looking for a city, enter it here (rather than the Location field).

This search will provide all open positions in any state desired, or you leave the State blank and check for openings nationwide.

Typical Job Announcement

You will find the job announcement number at the top of the page just under United States Postal Service.  The announcement is several pages long and includes an APPLY that takes to the online application for the position. This job announcement is only for a few days, others are open for several weeks to indefinitely for hard to fill positions. Most jobs are advertised for short periods because of the large number of applicants.

It is important to make a copy of the job announcements you apply for. It provides everything you need to know about the position, qualification requirements, and required examinations. Also, without a copy, you won’t have the contact information for the HR specialist that can answer any questions you may have about the application process or contact them for a status update for your application.

Apply Online Sample Page

Follow the instructions to register and continue with your online applications. If an exam is required, the Postal Service will notify you by email and provide a link and sign on credentials for the exam. You will have 72 hours to complete the exam online. If you are applying for a mail carrier, rural carrier, mail handler or clerk position you will have to take the 474 exam.


Exam Site (USPS)

Visit the Postal Services original exam scheduling site at to locate job vacancies in your area. Most jobs are now located on the eCareer center as noted above.