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How To Apply for Post Office Jobs

Approximately 80% of all Post Office jobs require a virtual online exam. The remaining 20% of Postal jobs in the corporate and administrative areas and federal civil service jobs require a federal resume and often Knowledge, Skills & Abilities (KSA statements).

You now compile a federal resume online through resume builders however it is best to draft your resume offline first. You will need a considerable amount of information for your postal or federal resume, and you need to take your time to tailor it to the job announcement.

The Postal Service significantly changed the application process recently, and applicants must now use their online Virtual Entry Assessment (VEA) examinations to apply for job vacancies. When vacancies occurred in an area, the Postal Service advertises openings on their eCareer website. Job vacancies are advertised for short periods, and you apply online and take a VEA exam for entry level mail delivery positions.

The written postal exams are a thing of the past, they are now administered virtually online, and you take the VEA exam within 72 hours after receiving your email notice for the job applied for.

To apply for postal jobs, review the step-by-step instructions on this site. They will help you understand the application process and view the screen shots we provide with instructions to help you successfully navigate their eCareer application system. Don’t be sidetracked by major private-sector jobs board ads. The Postal Service seldom advertises on any of the large online jobs-boards, if it does, you are linked directly to the official USPS job listings to apply at no cost.

Application Process

The easiest way to apply for a post office job is online at the address listed above. If you don’t have access to a computer visit your local library to use their computers.

A passing score of 70 percent or better is required for your name to be added to the register. The highest-rated applicants will be called to complete additional paperwork, take a drug screening test, and an interview. Your score determines your placement on the list.

Application Forms

The two primary Postal application forms are the PS Form 2591 Application for Employment, a four-page document and the PS Form 2181-A that is used for Pre-Employment Screening. Forms can be downloaded from our Resource page.  Use these forms to draft your application prior to applying online.

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