Postal Work

475, 476 and 477 VEA Exams

Mail Handlers, Processors, and Customer Service Clerks

Virtual Assessment Exams


The Virtual Entry Assessment (VEA) examination is an integral part of the application process and is administered online. It is generally recommended to complete the exam as soon as possible. You have 72 hours to complete the exam after receipt of the email from the post office that includes a link to the exam with sign on credentials. A combination of the five testing areas (sections) are required for each of these three positions as listed below.

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Covered Positions

Mail Handlers (MH 475)

Mail handlers load, unload and move mail and packages. They perform other duties related to the movement and processing of mail including:

  • Loading, lifting and carrying moderate to heavy mail from trucks and sorting equipment
  • Separate outgoing bulk mail and load onto mail trucks for distribution
  • Operate machinery and carry mail to distribution area
  • May perform a variety of duties such as rewrapping damaged parcels and weighing mail

Mail Processors (MP 476)

This group processes mail using automated mail processing equipment or manual methods of sorting and distribution as follows:

  • Sorts outgoing and/or incoming mail using automated equipment
  • Ensures necessary support equipment and materials are organized for sorting
  • Provides services at public window for non-financial transactions
  • Lifts or carries moderate to heavy mail and packages and required prolonged standing

PSE Sales & Services/Distribution Associate (CS 477)

They perform a variety of sales and customer support services. The job primarily involves providing services to customers over the counter at postal branches. This group:

  • Greets and services customers, assists with products, and sells and promotes services and products.
  • Handles and processes customer purchases and returns of same
  • Processes passport applications
  • Maintains the appearance of the retail lobby by setting up and arranging displays for customers
  • Stands for prolonged periods while servicing customers

Exam Sections

Six of the eight testing areas are required for the VEA MC 474 exam. The other two sections are used for either the mail handlers, processors, or sales associate positions.

  1. Work Scenarios – An assessment that includes questions focused on typical work situations and how you would react to them. There are four choices, and you are required to choose one that represents your most likely and least likely choice.
  2. Tell Us Your Story – An assessment that includes questions focused on your work experience and background.
  3. Describe Your Approach – An assessment of your personality traits.
  4. Moving the Mail – Determines your ability to identify details to correctly sort packages and letters.
  5. Motivation & Drive – A motivation test that reveals what satisfies you at work. These questions evaluate how you relate to various motivational sources.
  6. Customer Information Verification – Assesses your ability to notice details of printed information accurately and quickly. The test presents a person’s name, old and new address; you must determine if the information is identical or not.
  7. Error Checking – This assessment determines your ability to match pairs of eight-digit numbers and determine if the pairs match or contain errors.
  8. Work Your register – This assessment determines your ability to make the correct change using the fewest currency items as possible.

Exam Composition

This exam uses a mix of the eight VEA exam sections depending on the position applied for. None of the positions require more than 7 sections of the eight in any one exam. The following charts provide the VEA sections and the number of questions for the 475, 476 and 477 exams.

You will have 72 hours to complete the exam after receiving an email notification that will provide a link to the exam with a unique username and password. Pay close attention to and follow the exam instructions that you will receive with your online exam; read them carefully.

Mail Handlers

Mail Processors

Customer Service Clerks