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473 Battery Exam Test Questions

473 Exam Parts C & D

The 473 Battery Exam

Review Chapter Four in “Post Office Jobs” to improve your test scores and to become more familiar with the test taking process and strategies, application forms, answer sheets, and sample questions. The 473 examination and completion of forms will require approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Chapter Five presents a complete 473 study guide with practice exams, including sample answer sheets. The following sample questions are excerpted from “Post Office Jobs.”

473 Exam Parts C & D

Memory & Coding (Numbers Series ) Test Questions Part C

The coding and memory sections both use the same “Coding Guide.” You have to assign a given address to the proper delivery route for 36 questions in 6 minutes for the coding section. The coding section is open book and you will refer to the Coding Guide while answering your questions. The Memory Section of Part C requires you to remember the coding guide you used in the Coding Section and assign delivery routes without looking at the guide.

Excerpted from Chapter Six in “Post Office Jobs”

473 Section C Sample Questions

Address Range – The Coding Guide is divided into two columns. The first column is the Address Ranges for each route. If you look at the first address range of Route A notice that all addresses from 400 through 499 Amherst Avenue are included in route A. Route B picks up the remaining Amherst Avenue addresses from 500 to 799.

Delivery Route – Each delivery route has multiple addresses assigned to that carrier. Route B includes the addresses from 500 to 799 Amherst Avenue and from 30 to 199 Sutton Way. For example, if a letter was addressed 101 Sutton Way you would select Route B for the answer.

Delivery Route D includes all addresses not assigned to a specific route. If you are given the address 332 Canton St. or 1905 Fifth Avenue you would select Delivery Route D as your answer. These addresses are not included in routes A, B, or C.

473 Part C Sample Questions
You are permitted to look at the Coding Guide while answering the Coding questions in this section. Use the sample answer sheet for the practice exams. Note that the Delivery Routes are listed A through D to the right of the questions in the exam booklet. Don’t get confused during the exam and mark your answers in the exam booklet. ONLY MARK YOUR ANSWERS ON THE ANSWER SHEET. If you neglect to use the answer sheet your answers will not be graded.

Sample Question Answers

Question 1 – The address 425 Amherst Ave. Is in the address range as noted on the Coding Guide for Delivery Route A. You would darken answer A on the answer sheet. Remember to NOT put your answers in the exam booklet. Place your answer sheet next to the questions and darken the answer “A” on the answer sheet.

  • CAUTION: When you get to the memory section this will be even more critical. Note the spelling for the street address in this question. It is spelled “Amherst Ave.” You will run into answers that are very similar to the street address. For example Amherst can also be spelled “Amhurst.” Look at the entire address. If the street address in question 1 would have been spelled “Amhurst” the answer would have been D, not A.

Question 2 – Sutton Way is located in range A and B for street numbers from 1-199. The address in question two is 202 Sutton Way which is beyond the range of either route A or B. The answer is “D” (all mail that does not fall in one of the address ranges listed in A, B or C)

Question 3 – The answer for this question would be “C.” You will find the address range from 191 – 299 Canton St. In Route C.

Question 4 – You will find a Rural Route in Route C. However, it is Rural Route 5 not Route 6. The correct answer is “D” (all mail that does not fall in one of the address ranges listed in A, B or C)

Question 5 – The correct answer is “B.” 67 Sutton Way is in the address range of 30 – 199 Sutton Way in Route B.

Question 6 – 2601 University Blvd is listed in Route C and the address range is 2500 – 2699. Therefore, the correct answer is “C.”

A full length Coding practice exam is included in Chapter Five of “Post Office Jobs”. You will have 6 minutes to complete this full length section. Copy the answer sheet in the back of this section and place it next to your book. Time the exam to see how many question you can answer in the time allotted. The Coding Guide was repeated on this page and on page 132 so that the questions would be next to the Coding Guide. You are permitted to use the Coding Guide for this section.

Personal Characteristics & Experience Test Questions (Part D)

This section takes 90 minutes to complete and has 236 questions. The Postal Service evaluates your personal experience, characteristics and tendencies. You will be asked your likes and dislikes, whether you have experience in certain areas. You really can’t prepare for this section, it’s your personal profile. if you answer the questions honestly the Postal Service will be able to identify the job that is best suited to your characteristics.

The answers are multiple choice. The question “Do you like to work in groups” would have the answers (A) Strongly Agree, (B) Agree, (C), Disagree, (D) Strongly Disagree. A question similar to “Are you willing to work rotating shifts” would have the answers (A) Very Often, (B) Often, (C) Sometimes, (D) Rarely.

Content and Structure

Part D is divided into two groups. The first group of questions includes multiple choice questions or statements with the following possible answers:

473 Exam Section D Sample Questions
The second group of questions can have as few as four to as many as nine answer choices. You choose the answer that best describes your personal feelings and concerns.

Several typical question/statements are listed below so that you will know what to expect:

S1. You like to work independently without interruptions.

A. Strongly Agree
B. Agree
C. Disagree
D. Strongly Disagree

S2. You like to carefully prepare for events or activities in advance.

A. Very Often
B. Often
C. Sometimes
D. Rarely

S3. What type of activities do you like the most?

A. activities that require planning and attention
B. activities that require little planning
C. activities that are physical and challenging
D. activities that are done while sitting
E. activities that don’t require much thought
F. outdoor activities
G. not sure

Answer the questions honestly and pick the answer that represents your thoughts. If several answers seem to fit pick the one and ONLY ONE reply that best represents how you feel about the question or statement. There are no right or wrong answers on this part of the exam. You can only select one answer for each question. Use your entire background, including work experience, volunteer work, school work, military service, anything from your background that will help you relate to the question.

Study Guide

For a complete practice exam with guidance and ways to score higher on your test pick up a copy of Post Office Jobs.  Also, explore and apply for all job vacancies in the government and private sectors to improve you chance of employment.

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