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473 Battery Exam Test Questions

473 Key Testing Areas

The 473 Battery Exam

Review Chapter Four in “Post Office Jobs” to improve your test scores and to become more familiar with the test taking process and strategies, application forms, answer sheets, and sample questions. The 473 examination and completion of forms requires approximately two hours and fifteen minutes.

Chapter Five presents a complete 473 study guide with practice exams, including sample answer sheets. The following sample questions are excerpted from “Post Office Jobs.”

The Four Key Testing Areas:

Address Cross Comparison Test Questions – Part A


Part A includes 60 questions and you have 11 minutes to complete this section. You will be tested on how fast and accurately you can compare two lists. Postal workers must be able to differentiate between two addresses to determine if they are the same or different destinations. Address differences include different spelling or transposed numbers. The questions are multiple choice.

Questions include an address with street or P.O. Box, city, and state in the first column of each list and a ZIP Code in the second column. The example below shows the address on the left and the Zip Code on the right in each list. You will compare the Correct List on the left to the List to be Checked on the right. You are required to determine if the address to be checked is exactly the same or different as the address and Zip Code on the Correct List. You must determine if the address and Zip Code is exactly the same or different including the numbers, punctuation, capitalization, and spelling. You will make your selections from the list below:

  • A is selected if there are no errors, everything is exactly alike.

  • B is selected if only the addresses are different.

  • C is selected if only the Zip Codes are different.

  • D is selected if both the address and Zip Code are different.

Prior to starting the exam you will be given two sample exercises of several questions each to familiarize you with the process. The examiners do this to introduce you to what is expected on the exam and the answer sheets for these practice exams are in the exam booklet, not a separate page. Complete the four sample questions that follow to better understand the process.

Excerpted from Chapter Six in “Post Office Jobs”
  473 Section A Sampe Questions

Question S1

You will discover that the street, city and state are identical. However, the ZIP Code is different. The third and fourth digits in the zip code on the List to be Checked are reversed. Mark answer “C” for Zip Code Only.

Question S2

You will find the addresses have different spellings. McAuthur is spelled McAuther on the List to be Checked. The Zip Codes are identical. You will mark “B” on the sample answer sheet.

Question S3

The address and Zip Code of both lists are identical. Mark “A” on the answer sheet.

Question S4

You will find the street address and Zip Code numbers are different. The Correct List street number is 19150 and the list to be corrected street number is 19105. The last two digits of the first five Zip Code numbers are reversed. Also, the Zip Code’s last 4 digits are not the same and the name Kalamazoo is misspelled. In this case you would mark “D” for both.

Before starting the actual practice exams for address checking there are a number of techniques you can use to improve your score and to improve your efficiency so that you will have more time to devote to the exam. These techniques and a full length practice exam is printed in the 4th edition of “Post Office Jobs.” You can purchase this book online or at your local bookstore.

Forms Completion Test Questions – Part B

This section includes 30 questions that have to be completed in 15 minutes. There will be 6 questions for each of five different forms on the exam. Before starting the actual test the examiners will give you a 2 minute exercise with several questions that you will answer. These questions are not graded. After the introductory exercise you will start the actual exam.

Refer to the Domestic Return Receipt form on the next page to answer the first two sample questions for practice and use the same for the first six questions of the timed exam.

Excerpted from Chapter Five in “Post Office Jobs”

473 Section B Sample Questions
Sample Questions

S1. Where do you enter the address for the recipient on this form?
A. Box 3 (Front)
B. Box 10 (Back)
C. Box 3 and 10
C. None of the above

ANSWER: The recipient’s address is entered in Box 3 and the correct answer is A.

S2. The letter will be sent certified. Each certified letter has an article number. What two blocks must be filled out to designate a certified mailing?
A. Box 1 and 2
B. Box 10 and 1
C. Box 4 and 5
D. Box 3 only

ANSWER: The correct answer is C. Questions can be tricky if you read more into the question than what is presented. In this example, all certified mailings are assigned an article number that is listed in block 4 and you would check the certified box in block 5. Even though the remainder of the form must be filled out before it can be processed, the question is only asking about what must be filled out to designate a certified mailing. Focus on what they give you in the question, the known facts.

Study Guide

For a complete practice exam with guidance and ways to score higher on your test pick up a copy of Post Office Jobs. Also, explore and apply for all job vacancies in the government and private sectors to improve you chance of employment.