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Postal Telecommunications Specialist Jobs

Telecommunications Specialist


Provides analysis, coordination, and technical support for the voice and data telecommunications activities in a district. Telephone, computer, and cable telecommunications systems rely on equipment to process and transmit vast amounts of data. Telecommunications equipment installers and repairers—often called telecom technicians—install and service this equipment.

Telecom technicians use many different tools to inspect equipment and diagnose problems. For instance, to locate distortions in signals, they may employ spectrum analyzers and polarity probes. They also commonly use hand tools, including screwdrivers and pliers, to take equipment apart and repair it.

Many technicians also work with computers, specialized hardware, and other diagnostic equipment. They follow manufacturer’s instructions or technical manuals to install or update software and programs for devices. Those who work at a client’s location must track hours worked, parts used, and bills collected. Installers who set up and maintain lines outdoors are classified as line installers and repairers. (Excerpted from the Bureau of Labor Statistics OOH.)


  • Analyzes voice and data telecommunications requirements, including networks and hardware; recommends new and improved services; and coordinates acquisition and implementation.
  • Prepares recommendations for system changes to improve effectiveness and reduce telecommunications costs; coordinates with national telecommunications network program specialists, and implements approved changes.
  • Coordinates the acquisition and installation of new telecommunications hardware; performs preacceptance tests to verify proper operations; makes changes to telecommunications control systems to activate or restrict specific services to designated lines, and oversees equipment repair projects.
  • Monitors all aspects of the telecommunications system, including line traffic and overall system usage; oversees the verification and certification of monthly billings, and prepares analyses and reports for management review.
  • Prepares and implements training for telecommunications system users throughout the district.
  • Troubleshoots network and equipment problems and resolves or coordinates resolution with vendors.
  • Has regular contact with representatives of local telecommunication services vendors.
  • Provides technical guidance to employees on telecommunications system operations.

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