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The US Book Of Government Jobs

11th edition


The Book of U.S. Government Jobs
11th edition, by Dennis V. Damp

Uncle Sam employs 2,704,950 workers and 86,000 students and annually recruits hundreds of thousands nationwide and internationally for entry level to professional occupations. Benefits are excellent including comprehensive health care, 401k savings plans, low-cost life insurance, liberal vacation and sick leave, plus the average annual salary now exceeds $67,000.

This completely revised 10th edition offers the information needed to successfully land a government job — including hundreds of employment web sites, new job application guidance, and up-dated recruitment information. The expanded application/resume chapter includes a new section on writing (KSAs) Knowledge, Skills and Ability statements and a common-sense guide to understanding federal job announcements. This section helps you to complete your application or federal style resume and get the highest rating possible.