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Postal Inspector Projects Coordinator


Oversees and coordinates some of the most complex and sensitive criminal, civil, administrative, and audit investigations, programs, projects, and studies; oversees task forces and teams of postal inspectors in the accomplishment of investigative objectives; oversees and coordinates the planning, development, implementation, and monitoring of projects, and studies within assigned area.


Carries firearms when engaged in official business and for self-defense; maintains established physical requirements necessary to perform law enforcement assignments; maintains eligibility to operate a motor vehicle when engaged in official business; and maintains mental and emotional standards necessary to perform law enforcement assignments.


  • Oversees and coordinates the most complex-and sensitive criminal, civil, administrative, and audit investigations, programs, projects, and studies. Investigates violations of postal laws and apprehends and arrests postal offenders.
  • Oversees and supervises the activities of task forces and teams of postal inspectors, and a small group of technical and support employees. Evaluates performance and takes the necessary action to correct deficiencies, including discipline or remedial training. Provides training for new or less experienced Postal Inspection Service employees.
  • Assists U. S. Attorneys and other criminal justice employees in preparing court cases involving postal laws. Independently prepares comprehensive case presentation letters to the U. S. Attorney. Serves as a witness in court and administrative proceedings.
  • Coordinates the development, planning, and implementation of new programs and projects to improve methods, techniques, and skills of Postal Inspection Service employees.
  • Ensures that all regularly scheduled and standard inspections are properly monitored and carried out by assigned personnel.
  • Analyzes, reviews, and initially approves investigation reports, correspondence, case history information, and other documentation prepared for management review; prepares special reports and correspondence.
  • Maintains liaison with law enforcement agencies to coordinate record exchanges, case development, suspect apprehension, jurisdiction definition, security checks, and joint training.
  • Provides technical guidance and advice to postal management. Conducts conferences with postal management on the results of major audit projects and makes recommendations for service improvements, operational economies, and other areas included in the review.
  • Recommends policies and procedures that are not covered by established Postal Inspection Service methods or guidelines.
  • Oversees and coordinates the investigation into the misconduct of postal employees and the presentation of evidence to Postal management for consideration in disciplinary cases.
  • Represents the Postal Inspection Service by providing supporting information or participating in the development, implementation, and administration of technology, automation, service, operations, and training programs.
  • Reacts in emergencies to protect mail and postal assets where use of firearms and defensive techniques may be required. May work in undesirable neighborhoods and in adverse and hazardous situations.
  • Has frequent contact with the general public, witnesses, victims, complainants, suspects and offenders, informants, postal customers and contractors, federal and private attorneys, and representatives of the business community, law enforcement agencies, government agencies, armed services, and the courts. Represents the Postal Inspection Service at law enforcement, security, and civic conferences and meetings.
  • Exercises normal protective care for the use of facilities and equipment, including vehicles, weapons, and communications and technical equipment.
  • Exercises a normal regard for the safety of self and others when investigating criminal cases and apprehending or maintaining surveillance of those suspected of violating postal laws. Exercises the standard of care required by Postal Inspection Service policies on firearms and use of reasonable force when apprehending and restraining suspects.

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