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Postal Service Police Officer Jobs

Review the duties and responsibilities for police officer and security guard postal positions for the specified pay grade. You will also be able to search for related jobs in the federal civil service and private sectors to improve your chances of employment. Compare your background to the required duties and responsibilities to see if you have the skills to perform the required functions for the position.

Postal Police Officer


Performs a variety of duties pertaining to the security of postal buildings, personnel, property, mail, and mail-in-transit in support of the postal security program.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Performs a variety of duties pertaining to the security of postal buildings, personnel, property, mail, and mail-in-transit.
  • Carries a firearm and exercises standard care required by the Postal Inspection Service on firearms and use of reasonable force. Maintains assigned firearms in good condition.
  • Maintains incidents reported and daily logs of orders and basic in formation for the security force.
  • Answers the office telephone and responds to reports and inquiries.
  • Performs patrol duty, as assigned, on foot or by motor vehicle to maintain order and safeguard the facility, property, and personnel; ensures the application of security measures in manhandling areas.
  • Maintains contact with other security force personnel; responds to emergencies and other conditions, including burglaries and hold-ups, requiring immediate attention.
  • Controls access to building at an assigned post; enforces the regulations requiring identification.
  • Makes arrests and testifies in court on law violations within assigned authority.
  • Performs other job-related tasks in support of the primary duties.

 Investigative powers of Postal Police

The following information is excerpted from the federal register 18 U.S. Code 3061.

(c) (1) The Postal Service may employ police officers for duty in connection with the protection of property owned or occupied by the Postal Service or under the charge and control of the Postal Service, and persons on that property, including duty in areas outside the property to the extent necessary to protect the property and persons on the property.

(2) With respect to such property, such officers shall have the power to— (A) enforce Federal laws and regulations for the protection of persons and property;

(B) carry firearms; and

((C) make arrests without a warrant for any offense against the Unites States committed in the presence of the officer or for any felony cognizable under the laws of the United States if the officer has reasonable grounds to believe that the person to be arrested has committed or is committing a felony.

(3) With respect to such property, such officers may have, to such extent as the Postal Service may by regulations prescribe, the power to— /p>

(A) serve warrants and subpoenas issued under the authority of the United States; and

(B) conduct investigations, on and off the property in question, of offenses that may have been committed against property owned or occupied by the Postal Service or persons on the property.

(4) (A) As to such property, the Postmaster General may prescribe regulations necessary for the protection and administration of property owned or occupied by the Postal Service and persons on the property. The regulations may include reasonable penalties, within the limits prescribed in subparagraph (B), for violations of the regulations. The regulations shall be posted and remain posted in a conspicuous place on the property.

(B) A person violating a regulation prescribed under this subsection shall be fined under this title, imprisoned for not more than thirty days, or both.

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