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Post Office 2022 Pay Scales

The PS Full Time Annual Rates by Step and Grade


Starting pay for 2022 varies for each position from mail handlers represented by the National Postal Mail Handlers Union to postal clerks and everything in between. Each union negotiates the salary for their member. The Mail Handler Grade 4 and 5 pay scales are listed below and pay at the level 4 step AA at $22.73 per hour or $47,286 annually PLUS benefits. You also have numerous pay scales for the American Postal Workers Union (APWU) that represents 220,000 postal workers that belong to the Clerk, Maintenance, Motor Vehicle, or Support Services divisions. The largest pay system in the Postal Service is predominantly for bargaining unit employees. There are also Executive and Administrative Schedules for non- bargaining unit members, with pay ranging from the grade 15 minimum of $51,650 up to an authorized maximum at grade 26 of $139,670 per year.

Most postal employees start as part time casual employees and work towards full time employment with time in grade.  

The Postal service has multiple pay systems, most affiliated with a specific union. Pay scales for the National Postal Mail Handlers Union, the APWU, and Administrative Management pay scales are included here. Visit the National Postal Mail Handlers Union and APWU sites for other related pay schedules.


Mail Handlers Pay Tables


Mail Handlers Pay Tables

The following Mail Handler pay scale represented by the National Mail Handlers Union. The pay tables are effective August 27,2022.


Postal Clerks, Maintenance, motor vehicle, and support services
Pay Tables

Printed below are the full-time annual basic rates and hourly rate schedules for clerks, maintenance, motor vehicle, and support positions effective August 27, 2022 that are represented by the APWU.

Full-time regular basic annual rates



Full-time regular basic hourly rate


Part-time Flexible basic hourly rates

Visit APWU’s site for all postal service pay rates.

Executive & Administrative Pay