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The following occupations are available in the postal service and are located at postal facilities in many of the major metropolitan areas across the country. The duties and responsibilities are listed for each occupation and the postal service’s occupation code is provided. Review each occupation of interest and then search for job vacancy announcements in your areas.

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Automotive Mechanic

AUTOMOTIVE MECHANIC, PS-06 Occupation Code: 5823-03XX

Repairs vehicles, including the removal and installation of complete motors, clutches, transmissions, and other major component parts.

  • Diagnoses mechanical and operating difficulties of vehicles, repairing defects, replacing worn or broken parts.
  • Adjusts and tunes up engines, cleaning fuel pumps, carburetors, and radiators; regulates timing, and makes other necessary adjustments to maintain in proper operating condition trucks that are in service.
  • Repairs or replaces automotive electrical equipment such as generators, starters, ignition systems, distributors, and wiring; installs and sets new spark plugs.
  • Conducts road tests of vehicles after repairs, noting performance of engine, clutch, transmission, brakes, and other parts Operates standard types of garage testing equipment.
  • Performs other duties as assigned, such as removing, disassembling, reassembling, and installing entire engines; overhauling transmission, rear end assemblies, and braking systems; straightening frames and axles, welding broken parts where required; making road calls to make emergency repairs; and making required truck inspections.

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Building Equipment Mechanic


Performs involved trouble shooting and complex maintenance work on building and building equipment systems, and preventative maintenance and preventative maintenance inspections of building, building equipment and building systems, and maintains and operates a large automated air conditioning system and a large heating system.


  • Performs, on building and building equipment, the more difficult testing, diagnosis, maintenance, adjustment and revision work, requiring a thorough knowledge of the mechanical, electrical, and electronic, pneumatic, or hydraulic control and operating mechanisms of the equipment. Performs trouble shooting and repair of complex supervisory group control panels, readout and feedback circuits and associated mechanical and electrical components throughout the installation; locates and corrects malfunctions in triggering and other electro mechanical and electronic circuits.
  • Observes the various components of the building systems in operation and applies appropriate testing methods and procedures to insure continued proper operation.
  • Locates the source of, and rectifies trouble in, involved or questionable cases, or in emergency situations where expert attention is required to locate and correct the defect quickly to avoid or minimize interruptions.
  • Installs or alters building equipment and circuits as directed.
  • Reports the circumstances surrounding equipment and failures, and recommends measures for their correction.
  • Performs preventive maintenance inspections of building equipment to locate incipient mechanical malfunctions and the standard of maintenance. Initiates work orders requesting corrective actions for conditions below standard; assists in the estimating of time and materials required. Recommends changes in preventative maintenance procedures and practices to provide the proper level of maintenance; assists in the revision of preventive maintenance checklists and the frequency of performing preventive maintenance routes. In instances of serious equipment failures, conducts investigation to determine the cause of the breakdown and to recommend remedial action to prevent recurrence.
  • Uses necessary hand and power tools, specialized equipment, gauging devices, and both electrical and electronic test equipment.
  • Reads and interprets schematics, blue prints, wiring diagrams and specifications in locating and correcting potential or existing malfunctions and failures.
  • Repairs electromechanically operated equipment related to the building or building systems. Repairs, installs, modifies, and maintains building safety systems, support systems and equipment.
  • Works off ladders, scaffolds, and rigging within heights common to the facility. Works under various weather conditions outdoors.
  • Completes duties and tasks related to building equipment maintenance as required.
  • Observes established safety practices and requirements pertaining to the type of work involved; recommends additional safety measures as required.
  • In addition, may oversee the work of lower-level maintenance employees, advising and instructing them in proper and safe work methods and checking for adherence to instructions; make in-process and final operational checks and tests of work completed by lower level maintenance employees.
  • Performs other job-related tasks in support of primary duties.

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Maintenance Mechanic


Independently performs semiskilled preventive, corrective and predictive maintenance tasks associated with the upkeep and operation of various types of mail processing, buildings and building equipment, customer service and delivery equipment.


  • Independently performs preventive maintenance and minor repairs on plumbing, heating, refrigeration, air-conditioning, low-voltage electrical systems, and other building systems and equipment.
  • Performs preventive maintenance and routine repairs on simple control circuitry, bearings, chains, sprockets, motors, belts and belting, and other moving parts or wearing surfaces of equipment.
  • Assembles, installs, replaces, repairs, modifies and adjusts all types of small operating equipment such as letter boxes, mechanical scales, stamp vending equipment, building service equipment, manhandling equipment and related equipment.
  • Under the direction of skilled maintenance employees, or clearly written instructions from either hard copy or electronic format, performs specific tasks related to disassembling equipment, replacing parts, relocating and reassembling equipment; assists higher level workers in locating and repairing equipment malfunctions.
  • Maintains an awareness of equipment operation, especially excessive heat, vibration, and noise, reporting malfunctions, hazards or wear to supervisor.
  • Uses a variety of hand and power tools, gauging devices and test equipment required, or as directed, to perform the above tasks.
  • May drive a vehicle to transport tools, equipment, employees, materials or in the normal performance of assigned duties.
  • Completes or initiates work record sheets, as required. Takes readings from meters, gauges, counters and other monitoring and measuring devices. Maintains logs and other required records; reports on breakdowns and equipment being tested.
  • Follows established safety practices and requirements while performing all duties.
  • May serve as a working leader over a group of lower-level employees assigned to a specific task.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

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