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The following occupations are available in the postal service and are located at large central postal facilities in many of the major metropolitan areas across the country. The duties and responsibilities are listed for each occupation and the postal service’s occupation code is provided. Review each occupation of interest and then search for job vacancy announcements in your areas.

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Area Maintenance Technician


Installs, maintains, repairs, removes, and disposes of postal equipment as appropriate at post offices (offices not having maintenance capability) within the geographic area served by the area maintenance office to which assigned. Installs, moves, or repairs post office screen-line equipment, lock boxes, furniture, and mechanical equipment, supervising such additional help as projects may require.


  • At regional direction, moves and sets up offices in new or remodeled postal quarters; assembles, installs screen-lines, workroom, lobby, and operating equipment. Supervises carpenters and/or helpers as projects may require. Classifies or assists postmasters in classification of postal equipment for disposal or refurbishing. Under postmaster’s authority, purchases materials and employs helpers as warranted.
  • Makes major and minor repairs to postal operating equipment in offices without maintenance capabilities; conducts maintenance inspections and provides operating, minor repair, and maintenance instruction to postal employees in the offices served. Whenever possible, conducts maintenance inspection and the instruction of postal employees in conjunction with emergency service trips to installations.
  • Troubleshoots, repairs, overhauls, and installs postal operating equipment such as, but not limited to, stamp vending machines, canceling machines, scales, print punch money order machines, tying machines, conveyors, safe and vault locks and other components, protective systems and devices, time clocks, and money changers. Keeps abreast of current maintenance criteria and effects service accordingly.
  • Maintains inventory of all postal operating equipment in the offices served by the area maintenance office. Makes recommendations to supervisors and/or obtains stock of operating equipment repair parts, maintaining inventories at levels prescribed by the region or the department. Maintains record of parts in stock; ships parts to territory offices as required to meet respective office needs. Keeps records of parts used, frequency of replacements, and submits reports to the regional office at prescribed intervals.
  • Installs and maintains protective systems and devices on safes and vaults in post offices. Opens safes and vaults, changes and repairs combinations, and disarms systems and devices.
  • Provides emergency service and makes minor repairs to air conditioning systems at government owned buildings not under service contracts. Prepares report of needs for the postmaster if the lessor has maintenance responsibility or the manufacturer if the system is under warranty.
  • Initiates reports to the regional office on major work assignments, shortages of equipment, and completed screen line installations. Makes reports of unsatisfactory conditions relating to equipment damage, classification, and deficiencies. Makes written recommendations for equipment improvements, operations, and fabrication changes.
  • Drives motor vehicle to respective offices to effect on-the-scene repairs and screen-line installation or modifications. Communicates with postmasters by phone, correspondence, and personal visits to investigate reports of malfunctions, disorders, or other needs within the area maintenance office territory.
  • Performs other maintenance duties as instructed by the postmaster at the area maintenance office when not engaged in area maintenance duties.
  • Uses various hand and power tools and testing devices incident to the mechanical, electrical and electronic, and carpentry trades.
  • Observes established safety practices and procedures and instructs helpers accordingly.
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CUSTODIAN, PS-02 Occupation Code: 3566-04XX

Performs manual laboring duties in connection with custody of an office or building.


  • Performs any one or a combination of the duties listed below.
  • Moves furniture and equipment.
  • Uncrates and assembles furniture and fixtures, using bolts and screws for assembly.
  • Loads and unloads supplies and equipment.
  • Removes trash from work areas, lobbies, and washrooms.
  • Tends to lawns, shrubbery, and premises of the post office and cleans ice and snow from the sidewalks and driveways.
  • Stacks supplies in storage rooms and on shelves, and completes forms or records as required.
  • May perform cleaning duties as assigned.
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Fabricates or repairs metal items in forge and on anvil; performs welding and brazing operations.


  • Forges and fabricates or repairs tools and metal parts for building and equipment; heats metal to proper temperature in forge, hammers and bends metal to specified size and shape; hardens and tempers metals.
  • Does acetylene and electric welding on building equipment and such items as machine parts, hand truck frames, pouch racks, and conveyor equipment; also does brazing work; sets up job to be welded or brazed; sets up and adjusts proper type of welding equipment and selects proper type of rod according to the needs of the work; performs metal cutting and burning with torch.
  • Works from drawings, sketches and general instructions.
  • Uses required hand and power tools.
  • In addition, oversees helpers as assigned and may perform work incident to other trades as required.
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