Postal Work

Post Office Job Hunter's Checklist

Steps To Find A Post Office Job

Job Hunter’s Checklist

What To Do Now

Read This Warning First (Scam Alert)
Don’t pay anyone to take a Postal Exam or to find a government job!

  • Visit the following web site to locate examination announcements for all postal positions in your area:
    • Review our application guide to better understand the eCareer application process before going to the USPS site.
      • and the new eCareer hiring page for (Job Vacancy Lists)
      • Note: Apply on-line on the site listed above for job vacancies. If job vacancies are not currently available visit this site every week to check for updated job listings. Required exams will be scheduled for you during the on-line application process.
  • Visit our “National Job Listings” page to locate government and private sector jobs including Postal jobs that don’t require exams.
    • Also, contact regional and local postal facilities including Customer Service District Sales Offices, General Mail Facilities, Sectional Center Facilities, Management Sectional Centers, or Bulk Mail Centers in your area. Don’t forget to talk with the Post Master at local Post Offices.
    • Visit our “Resource” page for direct links.
  • Locate your school transcripts, military records, awards, and professional licenses. Collect past employment history; salary, addresses, phone numbers, dates employed, for the application. Use the forms offered on this site as a guide to draft your application. The form will show you what data you have to collect prior to going online to complete your online application.

Applying For A Job

  • When you obtain a job announcement, each announcement will advise you of all required application forms and exams. Apply online for positions and use our application guide to better understand the process.
  • If no vacancies exist for your specialty, visit the listed web sites frequently to check on updated postings. Consider getting your foot in the door by taking the 474 Battery Test or any other written exam. Once hired you will have the opportunity to apply internally for vacancies in other occupations.
  • Complete the online application process and all assessments, including online assessments if required. You will be given 72 hours to complete the virtual entry assessments online. Follow all instructions.
  • Note: Corporate job vacancy announcements require applicants to complete write-ups called (KSAs) for required knowledge, Skills and Abilities. You MUST complete these statements and tailor them to the specialized experience and duties required for the position.
  • Complete all online applications and assessments and be sure to schedule any required exams / assessments timely. You will receive detailed instructions via email after you initially complete your online application.

Identify and apply for ALL jobs that you qualify including government civil service jobs.

Additional Resources

Assessment tools are available to help you identify occupations and jobs that fit your knowledge, skills, abilities (KSAs), and personality. If you aren’t 100% sure of what occupation is best suited to your education, experience and background take one of the personal assessments available on our Federal Employee’s Career Development Center. Simply visit the site, review the assessment process and download the free assessment forms to get started.

NOTE: Visit the “Resource” page for direct links to key sites.


  • Your online application will be processed and results returned to you via email. You will receive a Notice informing you of your eligibility and scheduled testing dates and locations. If rated eligible, your name will be placed on the list of eligible applicants for that position. Selected applicants must:

The Interview

  • Prepare for the interview. Review chapter Seven for guidance on how to present yourself and prepare for the interview. Most Postal Jobs’ books completely ignore the interview phase. If you don’t impress the selecting officials, you may be passed over for the position.

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