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The following occupations are available in the postal service and are located at large central postal facilities in many of the major metropolitan areas across the country. The duties and responsibilities are listed for each occupation and the postal service’s occupation code is provided. Review each occupation of interest and then you may search for job vacancy announcements in your areas.

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Human Resources Specialist

HUMAN RESOURCES SPECIALIST, EAS-15 Occupation Code: 0201-5117

Performs technical staff work in support of the implementation and administration of one or more human resources programs.


In addition to the following program responsibilities, oversees and coordinates the activities of a small size group of lower-level employees, including making assignments, monitoring and reviewing work, providing continuing technical guidance, approving leave, and taking disciplinary action.


  • PERSONNEL SERVICES: Implements and administers employee compensation and benefits programs, including wage and salaries, pay procedures and rules, performance evaluations, merits, suggestions, incentive and superior accomplishment awards, quality step increases, retirements, and insurance.
  • Provides information to and processes requests from state unemployment compensation agencies for separated employees; testifies in unemployment compensation hearings.
  • Administers employment and selection policies, procedures, and processes for bargaining, initial level supervisor, non-bargaining, and postmaster positions.
  • Coordinates entrance and in-service examination programs; oversees all procedures and processes related to examination scheduling, conducting, processing, grading, notification, and forwarding of test data.
  • SAFETY AND HEALTH: Monitors compliance with safety and health standards and regulations; conducts periodic inspections; ensures accurate accident reporting; analyzes accident rates and trends; and provides for improvement of safety awareness and accident prevention through training and promotional activities.
  • Implements Wellness Program by coordinating programs, services, and activities that promote employee health efforts.
  • Administers procedures under which employees with substance abuse and other personal problems are referred to external providers contracted under the Employee Assistance Program.
  • INJURY COMPENSATION: Provides comprehensive case management in the review and processing of injury compensation claims, including authorization and control of continuation of pay; controversion of claims; identification of possible fraud and abuse; third party claims and recovery; assignment to limited duty; and referral to the rehabilitation program, or for second opinions or fitness for duty exams.
  • TRAINING: Plans, schedules, implements, administers, coordinates, evaluates, and performs employee training, career planning and development, diagnostic testing, and counseling services; conducts workshops, orientations, and demonstrations; coordinates managerial and supervisory training; and provides guidance to employees, job trainers, and management regarding training and instructional processes.

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Personnel Clerk

PERSONNEL CLERK, PS-05 Occupation Code: 0203-14XX

Performs specialized clerical work involved in providing the central personnel services of a postal installation.


  • Performs any one or a combination of the duties listed below.
  • Examines, documents, and otherwise processes official personnel actions.
  • Inducts new employees by taking their fingerprints, providing them with, and instructing them in filling out forms, administering oaths, and performing related operations.
  • Examines applications for leave by employees when the type or durations of leave desired fall within the categories required to be acted on centrally; compares the justification with the criteria for approval, and drafts memorandums or notifications of the action to be taken on the applications.
  • Examines for completeness or composes reports of personnel injuries sustained by employees in the performance of their duties and examines for completeness claims by such employees for compensation due to time lost from work because of such injuries; makes these reports and claims ready for forwarding to the appropriate government agency and composes notification to the employees or their supervisors of additional information needed and of decisions made on claims.
  • Furnishes information to employees and applicants about personnel regulations and practices, including employment in the postal installation, by personal conversations, telephone conversations, and composition of letters and memorandums.
  • Maintains various personnel records by performing such operations as posting actions taken concerning employees, adding names to and removing them from registers and rosters, and filing official papers in personnel folders.
  • Compiles various recurring and special statistical reports on personnel subjects, such as numbers of actions of various types, numbers of employees of various titles and salaries, numbers of vacancies of various titles and organizational locations.
  • In addition, may perform any of the following duties: document and otherwise process official personnel actions originating on the basis of personnel records; record the receipt of employee suggestions and initiate action for their review by appropriate supervisors; assist employees in filling out applications for retirement and documenting these forms for submission to appropriate organizations; process bids for position openings on seniority basis; and accept employment applications, and forward them to appropriate organizations.

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