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Postal Service Mechanical Engineer Jobs

Review the duties and responsibilities for mechanical engineering postal positions for the specified pay grade. You will also be able to search for related jobs in the federal civil service and private sectors to improve your chances of employment. Compare your background to the required duties and responsibilities to see if you have the skills to perform the required functions for the position.

Mechanical Engineer

MECHANICAL ENGINEER, EAS-24 Occupation Code: 0830-4012

Plans, organizes, and executes the design, construction, installation, and implementation of new systems, equipment, or controls of major magnitude and scope, in support of the mail processing objectives of the Postal Service.


  • Translates operating objectives for mail processing into functional requirements for facilities, or equipment, oversees the reporting, analysis, and evaluation of data from field operating units related to mail volume, productivity, or costs; integrates this information with technical data to determine functional specifications.
  • Oversees the preparation and justification of engineering proposals and alternatives for complex mechanized systems equipment; evaluates engineered systems and related costs to determine alternatives to support mail processing objectives; provides program cost estimates; develops and recommends plans for program implementation.
  • Oversees engineering activities related to the design, construction, installation, test, and start-up of mechanized systems and equipment; provides technical management of contracts; evaluates contractor bids; makes recommendations affecting the selection of contractors; determines criteria for performance evaluation of prototype equipment; controls program costs; certifies contractor requests for payment.
  • Coordinates planning and implementation of mechanization systems and equipment programs with headquarters and field employees.
  • Provides mechanical engineering consulting services, as required.
  • Has frequent contact with contractors, professional consultants, officials of government agencies, and equipment manufacturers.

The Department of Labor reports in there Occupational Outlook Handbook that 258,100 mechanical engineers work in America and their average median salary is $88,580 a year or earn $38.74 per hour. The federal government also employs large numbers of mechanical engineers. All cabinet level agencies except for the Department of Education and some large independent agencies employ electrical  engineers.

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