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Postal employees will find abundant employment, benefits, and retirement guidance plus links to valuable resources to help them throughout their career and in retirement. Postal employee’s retirement benefits are generous and this site will direct you to the resources you need to make critical decisions before and after you retire about your retirement options, health, and life insurance coverage.

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) manages postal retirements and you will be able to continue generous postal employee’s health benefits, as long as you were enrolled in the program for the last five years. You can also continue life insurance coverage and if you participated in the Thrift Savings plan you have many withdrawal options to consider.

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Retirement Planning Assistance – Receive a FREE “Personal Summary of Benefits Analysis.A retirement planning adviser will help you learn more about retirement planning strategies specific to your personal situation. They will sit down with you to discuss your retirement questions, and collect the data necessary to prepare your FREE Personal Summary of Benefits. The Sample Summary of Benefits will show you just how beneficial this service is for Postal employees planning their retirement and retirees that need assistance. (If there isn’t an advisor in your immediate area, someone will call to discuss your situation who can service your needs from an area close by.)

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