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Review the duties and responsibilities for electronics technician postal positions for the specified pay grade. You will also be able to search for related jobs in the federal civil service and private sectors to improve your chances of employment. Compare your background to the required duties and responsibilities to see if you have the skills to perform the required functions for the position.

Electronic Technician

ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN, PS-10 Occupation Code: 0856-01XX

Carries out all phases of maintenance, troubleshooting, and testing of electronic circuitry used in equipment and systems requiring a knowledge of solid state electronics. Instructs and provides technical support on complex systems and on combinational (hardware/software) or intermittent problems.


  • Performs the testing, diagnosis, maintenance, and revision work requiring a knowledge of solid state electronics.
  • Observes the various equipment and systems in operation and applies appropriate testing and diagnostic methods and procedures to ensure proper operation.
  • Locates source of equipment and system failures, rectifies trouble in involved cases, or provides instructions to be used by maintenance employees performing repair work.
  • Makes or participates with contractor representative or electronic technician in installing or altering equipment and systems as required.
  • Makes reports of equipment and system failures which require corrective action by contractor and follows up to see that appropriate action is taken.
  • Makes preventive maintenance inspections to discover incipient malfunctions and to review the standards of maintenance. Recommends changes in preventive maintenance procedures and practices as found to be necessary.
  • Programs scheme and/or scheme changes into memory units as requested by management.
  • Furnishes pertinent data to superiors and contract employees on operation and testing problems.
  • Participates in training programs: classroom, on-the-job, and correspondence, at postal facilities, trade schools, and manufacturer’s plants as required. May assist in developing and implementing training programs. Instructs equal or lower level employees as required.
  • Observes established safety regulations pertaining to the type of work involved.
  • May drive vehicle or utilize other available mode of transportation to work site when necessary.
  • Provides technical support to other electronic technicians to resolve complex, combinational (hardware/software), and/or intermittent failures.
  • Performs such other duties as may be assigned.

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