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Postal Service Clerks and Data Collection Jobs

Review the duties and responsibilities for each of the following clerk and postal positions for the specified pay grade. You will also be able to search for related jobs in the federal civil service and private sectors to improve your chances of employment. Compare your background to the required duties and responsibilities to see if you have the skills to perform the required functions for the position.  

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Clerk Stenographer

CLERK STENOGRAPHER, PS-05 Occupation Code: 0312-01XX

Performs miscellaneous office clerical, stenographic, and typing work.


  • Takes dictation, in shorthand or on a shorthand writing machine, of letters, memorandums, reports, and other materials and transcribes it on the typewriter or word processor; sets up the material transcribed in accordance with prescribed format and assembles it for required initialing, signing, routing, and dispatch.
  • Types similar materials from handwritten and other drafts, and from dictating machine records.
  • Makes up file folders, keeps them in prescribed order, and places in and withdraws from them papers relating to the business of the office.
  • Makes and keeps routine records of the office.
  • Composes routine memorandums and letters relating to the business of the office, such as acknowledgments and transmittals.
  • Examines the incoming and outgoing mail of the office, routes it to the appropriate persons, and controls the time allowed for preparation of replies to incoming correspondence.
  • Receipts for and delivers salary checks and fills out various personnel forms.
  • Acts as receptionist and answers telephone calls, taking and relaying messages and furnishing routine information requested.
  • Relieves office clerks, typists, clerk typists or other clerk-stenographers during periods of their absence.
  • Operates copy machine and calculators.

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Data Collection Technician

DATA COLLECTION TECHNICIAN, PS-06 Occupation Code: 0301-69XX

Collects, records, and analyzes a variety of statistical data on selected operating and financial activities. Performs relief assignments for PSDS Technicians.


  • Collects, records, and analyzes statistical data under any number of national data collection systems.
  • Operates computer equipment to enter data; recognizes diagnostic messages and takes appropriate actions; and performs data transfer functions through telecommunications systems.
  • Reviews input and output data to determine accuracy and compliance with national programs. Analyzes and edits data to detect and correct errors.
  • Updates national databases; maintains and updates records and files.
  • Participates in data collection activities in support of special studies or national programs.
  • Reads and interprets reference manuals and other written materials.
  • May drive a vehicle to other facilities when work assignments require.
  • Performs other job-related tasks in support of primary duties.

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Window Clerk


Performs a variety of services at a public window of a post office or post office branch or station. Maintains pleasant and effective public relations with customers and others, requiring a general familiarity with postal laws, regulations, and procedures commonly used.

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Distribution Clerk

DISTRIBUTION CLERK, PS-05 Occupation Code: 2315-04XX

Separates mail in a post office, terminal, airport mail facility or other postal facility in accordance with established schemes, including incoming or outgoing mail or both. (Refer to Chapter Three for a complete description of Clerk and Mail Carrier occupations.)

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Flat Sorting Machine Operator


Operates a single or multi-position, electromechanical operator-paced flat sorting machine in the distribution of flats requiring knowledge and application of approved machine distribution of directs, alphabetical or geographic groupings, by reading the ZIP code on each flat. (Refer to Chapter Three for a complete description of Clerk and Mail Carrier occupations.)

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