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Architect / Engineer

Postal Service Architect and Engineering Jobs

Review the duties and responsibilities for architect and engineer postal positions for the specified pay grade. You will also be able to search for related jobs in the federal civil service and private sectors to improve your chances of employment. Compare your background to the required duties and responsibilities to see if you have the skills to perform the required functions for the position.

Architect / Engineer

ARCHITECT/ENGINEER, EAS-20 Occupation Code: 0808-3020

Performs design work and assists in administering design and construction contracts within a district office.


  • Provides architect/engineering consulting services, evaluates technical problems, and surveys technical alternatives for construction projects within a district office.
  • Participates in the analysis, evaluation, and determination of feasibility, costs, and technical problems related to the planning, design, installation, testing, and operation of advanced engineered systems and equipment in support of construction projects.
  • Oversees construction term contracts to ensure compliance with contract requirements and adherence to established policies and procedures.
  • Participates in the activities related to the design, construction, testing, start-up, and operation of facilities, systems, and/or equipment.
  • Participates in the preparation of requests for proposal, including specifications and drawings; participates in the evaluation of contractor bids.
  • Reviews contractor specifications and drawings for technical accuracy and compliance with contract requirements.
  • Attends preconstruction and final acceptance meetings for progress review; makes on-site inspections during installation and test, and reports discrepancies in contract work.
  • Works with architects, engineers, contractors, construction representatives, and others involved in the design and construction of postal facilities.
  • Provides technical assistance to employees and others in the development of facility projects.

Job Listings

Visit the USPS site link listed below to search for vacancies in your area and to apply. Federal architect and engineering jobs may also be available in your area. Click on the second link listed below to explore these options. Use the following search box to search for related local jobs in the private, state, and local government sectors.)