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Postal Service Budget, Computer, and Financial Analyst Jobs

The following occupations are available in the postal service and are located at large central postal facilities in many of the major metropolitan areas across the country. The duties and responsibilities are listed for each occupation and the postal service’s occupation code is provided. Review each occupation of interest and then search for job vacancy announcements in your areas or locations.

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Budget & Financial Analyst (District)

EAS-19 Occupation Code: 0504-5022

Performs all activities for the development and control of district operating and capital budgets; performs research and analysis of district financial operations.


  • Develops, prepares, allocates, implements, monitors, and controls the district operating and capital budgets; includes current estimates of future financial performance; and integrates planning assumptions into operating budget plans.
  • Integrates all district functions into the planning process and validates budget and financial forecasts developed by managers.
  • Provides ongoing analyses to support operations management and improve overall financial and work hour performance, including the analysis and validation of major capital, facility, and program expenditures and packages.
  • Develops and implements business planning and forecasting techniques and monitors effectiveness; analyzes operating results to identify improvement opportunities and evaluate the effectiveness of cost reduction program implementation.
  • Develops and presents training for operating managers to increase their understanding of the budget process and the financial analysis techniques used for performance measurement.
  • Provides technical guidance to financial and operating employees in the development of capital investment strategies and operating expense budgets; maintains an effective financial planning and forecasting process for all district organizations.

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Computer Systems Analyst/Programmer (PDC)

DCS-20 Occupation Code: 0334-3056

Analyzes and evaluates existing and proposed systems and develops computer programs, systems, and procedures to process data.


  • Translates user requirements to automate problem analysis and record keeping activities into detailed program flowcharts.
  • Prepares programming specifications and diagrams and develops coding logic flowcharts.
  • Codes, tests, debugs, and installs computer programs and procedures.
  • Reviews and updates computer programs and provides the necessary documentation for the computer operations function.
  • Prepares charts and diagrams to assist in problem analysis.
  • Prepares detailed program specifications and flowcharts and coordinates the system’s installation with the user.
  • Provides technical advice and guidance to programmers assigned on a project basis; provides advice and assistance to managers involved in installing an automated system.
  • Has regular contact with contract employees and computer equipment vendors

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Financial Services Coordinator


Coordinates, analyzes, and monitors district-wide financial accounting programs and processes; coordinates the implementation of new accounting and timekeeping policies and procedures; provides technical guidance to post offices and field units in the resolution of daily accounting problems.


  • Analyzes, evaluates, and determines the need for changes to district financial accounting programs and processes; identifies deficiencies and problems; and recommends and implements corrective actions to improve quality and reduce errors.
  • Provides guidance and training to post office and field unit employees concerning financial accounting procedures, including the proper recording of statements of accounts and adjustments of daily unit financial statements.
  • Resolves accounting problems, including those associated with banking, payables, and payroll adjustments.
  • Monitors revenue reporting and performs audits of financial activities to ensure financial integrity.
  • Coordinates district accounting programs and processes with the Postal Data Center and other functional areas.
  • Implements national, area, and district accounting and timekeeping policies and procedures.
  • Provides technical advice, guidance, assistance, and training to post offices and field units throughout the district area on the full range of accounting and timekeeping programs and processes.

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